11 Jul 2018 | The ur-scape team flew down to Bandung for the pilot training and installation of ur-scape at the Bandung Command Centre, with members from theĀ Applications Division of the Ministry of Communications and Information (Diskominfo). The Bandung Command Centre is an initiative to promote the city of Bandung towards becoming a smart city, with the aim of using innovative technologies to improve the quality of public services and decision support system.


The ur-scape team spent the first half of the session training the attendees on how to use ur-scape’s features, importing data, as well as diving deeper into more technical aspects of the application. The second half of the session broke out into a valuable open dialogue, where the Diskominfo team shared their feedback and aspirations for ur-scape.


Following the training session, ur-scape was installed into the main system and projected on the stunning central display at the Bandung Command Centre. What a monumental moment for ur-scape!