31 Jul – 01 Aug 2018 | As a Knowledge Partner to the Asian Development Bank (ADB), the ur-scape team was involved in two key ADB workshops in Indonesia, to strengthen quality of spatial planning in metropolitan areas in Indonesia for sustainable and resilient development through collaborative management of spatial data.


In Jakarta, a national workshop was held on 31st July, bringing together key national government agencies such as the Ministry of Agrarian Affairs and Spatial Planning, Bappenas (Ministry of National Planning), BPS (National Statistics Bureau), BIG (Agency of Geospatial Information) and the Ministry of Home Affairs. Similarly, a workshop was organised in Palembang on 1st August, bringing together key local agencies such as Bappeda (Regional Planning Agency) from each region and the Association of Indonesian Planners.


In both workshops, the topics of data sharing, management and collaboration were central to the discussions in strengthening the quality of spatial planning at metropolitan scales. ur-scape was used to raise awareness and demonstrate the importance of ensuring good quality of data, data sharing and management across multiple stakeholders involved in planning decisions, to ensure transparent and informed decision making processes.